RIP Route generator useful to generate tons of routes
1. Introduction

This Perl script generates RIP-2 routes to simulate a dynamic routed network. Is only allowed to use in a laboratory environment!
    Usage: -n <IPnet/mask> [options]

      -n <IPnet/mask>        initial network with mask

      -a <count>                amount of generate routes        (default 1)
      -m <metric>              metric of all RIP routes             (default 15)
      -h <ip>                      next hop of all RIP routes         (default
      -t <tag>                     tag of all RIP routes                 (default 0)
      -d <second>              delay between RIP updates      (default 30)
      -r <count>                 routes per RIP PDU                (default 25)
      -dp <msecond>         delay between PDUs               (default 0)
      -u <count>                amount of RIP updates             (default endless)
      -default                      generate a default route

    Examples: -n -n -a 120 -n -a 120 -m 3 -d 0 -r 2 -u 15 -h